Twins week

Why is so difficult to get a good habit established, and so very easy to drop it?! Bad habits, on the other hand….

Anyway, I lost my blog completely in a webhost switch a few weeks ago and it took me days to find it and get it up an running again. I bow down to those of you with tech skills, because I sure don’t have them. But, I decided if I can follow a recipe, I should be able to read and follow directions and find that blog and put it back on my website. And I’m proud to say I did it all. by. my. self. (very slowly).  In the meantime, I got behind in blogging and just didn’t get back to it. I’ve resolved to do better and do some catching up. First, the start of my week of twins. These guys have been in my gallery forever, because I love the way this image captures their individual personalities-


and now at six- so grown up and handsome!



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