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What to wear- kids photo shoot ideas for summer | outfits for kids photo sessions

Let’s face it- picking out outfits for the kids’ photo session can be enough to make you break out in a cold sweat. You want them to look good and  to feel good (uncomfortable kid=unhappy kid and that doesn’t make for cute pictures!). You want to coordinate your them for the group shots, but not […]

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feedly- a good replacement for Google Reader

Just a quick reminder that Google Reader is going away soon. If you like following blogs with a blog reader and need an replacement, I have a good place to send you. I’ve been using Feedly  for a while now and love it. It’s very user friendly, well organized and just looks pretty- a definite […]

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what to wear for your maternity photo shoot

What to wear for your maternity photo shoot? Sometimes it can be tough to make those decisions!  With a few easy guidelines in mind, though, it will be easier to go through your closet (or shop!) to find just the right things to make you look your best in your beautiful new body. You are […]

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